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The novel coronavirus first surfaced in full force in the United States in a nursing home facility in Kirkland, Washington, outside of Seattle. Unfortunately, it was not just one case but many--revealing the virus had spread quickly before it was isolated. Approximately 35 coronavirus nursing home deaths have already taken place in that facility, and many more nursing homes are heading down the same path with concentrated cases and coronavirus nursing home deaths. Widespread contagion within a single facility may point to a failure within the facility to enforce emergency protocol. This page contains full information on coronavirus nursing home death across the United States.

Coronavirus Nursing Home Death

Much has already been learned about what went wrong in the Kirkland, Washington facility which resulted in 35 coronavirus nursing home deaths. These key lessons should have helped to prevent the same situation from occurring elsewhere, but facilities in Louisiana, Kansas, Oregon, Wyoming and Illinois have already reported similar outbreaks.

There are several major factors that have repeatedly gone wrong, in some cases constituting negligence on behalf of nursing home management:

Prioritizing the health of residents means having an emergency plan in place and then following it with care and precision. This can only be carried out by a well-trained staff with excellent leadership. Even a facility with the best emergency plan cannot protect its residents in the absence of clear and decisive leadership. Failure to follow protocol will likely result in thousands of coronavirus nursing home deaths across the country.

Filing a coronavirus nursing home lawsuit against the facility is the only way to achieve justice for your loved one. We are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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